Romaric Le Tiec Studio


Dali x Street art exhibition

Type : Space design
Client : Espace Dali
Year : 2014
Surface : 350 s.m.
Location : Paris, France
Phase : Delivered
Photography : Romaric Le Tiec + Espace Dali

Dali, street art. The questions of support, of diversion, of space, of the representation of space suddenly emerge. How to conceive an exhibition on street art in the museum space ? How to talk about the strong relationship between space and art in street art ? In the style of the work of street art which reveals itself during a urban ramble, the scenography of the exhibition rests on a gradual appearance as the viewer moves on. The several marking elements on the floors and the walls scattered in the space meet at a single point - that of the point of view - to form a two-dimensional image, a framing that allows to compare a work of Dali and a work of a street artist. This light and radical intervention makes it possible to emphasize the works themselves and to draw a bridge between the work of Dali and the contemporary work of street art through some Dali's themes. From then on, it is less a contemplative look than an active and participative observation that is proposed here, and which continues through a space of free expression destined to young and adults. A mediation by doing more than by seeing, that makes it possible to understand the mechanisms involved in the creation of a work of art such as support, subject, medium, meaning, intention.