Romaric Le Tiec Studio



Type : Industrial design
Client : Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque
Phase : Concept
Year : 2019
Partner : Horloges Huchez
Material : perforated metal sheet

The Urban Community of Dunkerque wishes to revitalize the city center
and generate a new attractiveness, through a route composed of strong urban
facilities, on the border between functional elements and works of art, and in
particular a monumental clock on the north facade of the Guynemer parking lot.

There the format of the brick - a local and ubiquitous material - becomes the basis
for cutting a more contemporary material, the perforated metal sheet. This geometric
relationship creates a unit of format with the building and allows to play with full and
empty spaces.

To create an optical gap between the mesh and the needles in the background we use
the principle of moiré.
Here we want to embody a certain modernity by contrasting the treatment of the building
with a material that contrasts in terms of nature, appearance and perception. In addition,
the use of perforated metal sheet makes it possible to fit into a light installation, on a single
plane, in the manner of a mesh that comes to cover the north wall by letting see through.