Romaric Le Tiec Studio


Urban mobility

Type : Service design
Location : Saint Nazaire, France
Year : 2012
Phase : Prototype
Process : bottom-up innovation + industriel context
Collaborators : WT2I, Shift Up Engineering
Materials : aluminium chassis, technical textile, electric assistance
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The question of mobility in the St Nazaire area is a medium-term issue : the need to link
the different districts, the redeployment of activities to the sea, and the need to propose
some alternative modes of transportation.

The pedal car is the incarnation of a context, a key to understand the territory but also to project
it into another possible : diversification of local know-how (composite materials, renewable energies,
complex assemblies), mobility of the future, attractiveness of tourism, development of the ambulant business.

This vehicle is designed as a cradle on which the accessories are assembled according to the use: car-sharing,
ambulant business, microfret; the chassis consists of aluminum tubes connected by connecting parts, the shell
and the seat are made out of outdoor technical textile : this results in an ultra-light and efficient vehicle.
The design phase is was carried out in a workshop shared with all the local actors (inhabitants, schools, manufacturers).